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Tour De Moon Team

With special thanks to...

All of the Tour de Moon team’s family members and friends for supporting us while we were developing this work.

Thank you to Pussy Riot, Moses Boyd, Koyejo Oloko, Seun Kuti and the Fela Kuti family, Freya Stannard, Will Larnach Jones, Tom Greenall, Jamie Antin, Adrian Gooch, Marianne Power, Sebastian Koseda, Malena Arcucci, Ranjit Atwal, Mariana Del Valle, Ayanna Blair-Ford, Joseph Bond, Mikael Calandra Ochande, Lara Deffense, Mike Conaty, Carolyn Dodds, Nancy Tilbury, Suzanne Lee and Rob, Andrea Salazar and the team at Darkfield, Michael Garrett, Huseyin Gunduzler, Ayse Hassan, Lara Haworth, Lorna Heap, Yinka Ilori, Daniel Innes, Asmaa Jama, Sharon Kanolik, Mukesh Khatri, Elijah Maja, Elisa Marra , Scottie McKean, Martin Phillips, Alastair Pickard, Edna Pletchetero, Piers Shepperd, Sam Stephen, David Caulfield, Isabel Warby, Studio Yukiko, Adam Cooper, Juliet Wilson, Ewa Galak, Abbie Thompson, Theo Markham-Crew, Jo Tallack, Jack Payne, Nick Broom and all at Highcross Shopping Centre, Charlie Batney, Kasia Markowska, Catherine Wade, Jim Mawdsley, Geoff Kirkwood, Chris Barnard, Lesley Turner, Sandy Duff and all at Arches Project, The Cluny, Craig Lintott, Andrew Armour, Claire Whittaker, Giles Semper and all at Southampton City of Culture 2025, Allan Gordon, Matt Sanger and everyone who has been involved in the project for the past two years. We thank you.

All the UNBOXED commissions: About us, Dandelion, Galwad, Green Space Dark Skies, Our Place in Space, Polinations, See Monster, StoryTrails, Dreamachine; the full UNBOXED team: Lucy Bailey, Hilary O’Shaughnessy, Gabriela Butler, Faith Whenham, Chloe Patrickson, Julie Flavell, Phil Batty, Martin Green, Sam Hunt, Adel Al-Salloum, Chloe Hale, Lindsay Bradshaw, Jessica Boot, Aisling Serrant, Katie Popperwell, Richard Pomfret, Poppy Scott, Virginia MacNaughton, Jeanette Ward, Giulia Ascoli, Ben McKnight, Olive Amos, Andrew Collinson,Marc Rigg, Amy Nichol, UNBOXED board, and everyone who joined us in this journey, we thank you.