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Intergenerational Music Project

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brings to you the ‘afterparty’, a selection of the most unique musical talents merging popular music with recordings of the galaxy, to create a new musical genre. Moon Music brings together Arkestra (Convoy), Moon Recordings (a series of newly commissioned alien musical genres) and Moonbounce (transmission to the moon, an Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) technology) to club nights. There is also the moon on the dancefloor… see you there!


“Imagination is a magic carpet / Upon which we may soar / To distant lands and climes / And even go beyond the moon / To any planet in the sky / If we came from nowhere here / Why can’t we go somewhere there?”  Sun Ra

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Tour de Moon releases  a new original mix of 1980s song ITT (International Thief Thief) from the iconic Fela Kuti with a saxophone improvisation by Seun Kuti. Exclusively transmitted onto the moon through Moonbounce- an Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) technology Tour de Moon brings this track back into the present to decolonize the moon from extractive, commercial and colonial expansion.