Who is tour de moon? | Tour de Moon

Who is tour de moon?

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Tour De Moon Team

Tour de Moon team are building Tour de Moon from the Earth up! From the creative department to the production team, the directors to the admin assistants, this collective is supporting the experiences that Tour de Moon brings.

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Youth Reporter Board

Alongside our Advisory Board, we have 11 youth reporters who are joining the Tour de Moon production team to document and assess the work of the Tour de Moon team rendering them accountable towards the core pillars, mission and objectives of the festival. 

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Advisory Board

Tour de Moon Advisory board is monitoring and guiding the overall festival. This galaxy of inspiring nightlife artists, scientists, technologists, and creative pioneers are working together to select the open calls for the festival and to inform the curating of each programming strands.

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Moon press

Moon Press calls us to reimagine our relationship to the moon, looking first to people who have traditionally had ties to the moon as our experts.

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Moon Games

What if the Moon had landed on Earth? What if the Moon was a psychedelic inflatable playground; a lunar landscape on which to play Moon Games? Collaborating with astrophysicists, sports groups and youth organisations, Tour de Moon has fabricated all of this for you. It’s time to explore the Moon!


Moon Cinema

Moon Cinema is a collection of original short films created by these new geniuses of filmmaking, commissioned through our open calls programme. Their films introduce fresh concepts, new aesthetics and important messages on youth countercultures and nightlife.

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Moon Convoy

Expect cosmic transformation from these DJs, musicians, speakers, filmmakers and the Arkestra - all performing as part of the Moon Convoy.

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Moon Experiences

Find yourself immersed in plays developed by these new talents in surreal and unusual theatrical spaces, whilst taking a trip to the Moon on psychedelic buggy rides. Join us in envisioning utopias beyond Earth!

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Moon Hotline

Commissioned artists for Online Creators, Moon Games Digital and Talk To The Moon are all part of Moon Hotline: AI powered conversations with the Moon, video games that reinvent the structures of our virtual world, and a cascade of memes, videos and music.

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Moon Music

Join these unique musical talents merging popular music with recordings of the galaxy to create a new musical genre. Moon Music brings together Moon Recordings and Moonbounce to club nights and the after party.

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Moon Live

Expect to see this vibrant, pluralistic mix of voices share their electric experiences of nightlife through their passion for the moon, science, dancing and debates. It’s time to join the Moon Live revolution!

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Throughout the festival we are working with multiple international multidisciplinary institutions so to develop meaningful experiences for visitors of Tour de Moon.