Loss and Gain patch

Loss><Gain is an immersive experience partnership led by veteran Sound Designer David Sheppard and long-term Sigur Rós manager John Best, working alongside a cooperative pool of visual designers, lighting engineers, producers, and creative consultants. Loss><Gain takes d&b Audio’s state-of-the-art Soundscape speaker system and repurposes it as a foundation from which to create fully immersive 360° installations as a new paradigm for how audiences engage with music in a space.

Building upon Best’s previous experience creating live “sound baths” around the world with Sigur Rós, and Sheppard’s long history of work on immersive gallery sound installations, Loss><Gain is a full-surround experience both visually and sonically. Working with artists to tailor bespoke shows using a modular lights and visual system, it is adaptable to a rolling programme of different content across a schedule.