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Alice Walters

Alice's career in events is focused around embedding community ethos and aiding in the design of empowering organisations to bring about the common good.  With a strong belief that events have the capacity to mobilise society and bring people together, deconstructing social norms and reimagining how society could be is at the heart of everything she does and a useful tool in her events practice. 

Alice's events career was born out of the grassroots event scene in Bristol, working with various charities, festivals and inspiring individuals to create unique experiences across the country. Her career has taken her from large scale multi faceted productions such as Glastonbury, Shambala and Brainchild to managing touring circuses, gaming conventions and managing a live music venue under the overground in London. She has knowledge in the complexity and diversity of the industry, with roles ranging from producer to production manager to operations manager, her understanding of the fabric of events is rich. Alice's curiosity for working in transgressive spaces and celebrating culture in society has enabled her to think creatively about solving the problems and how she can use her knowledge of events to bring about empowerment in society.