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Platform 13

Founded by Leila Fataar in August 2017, Platform13 was created to answer the challenges faced by big brands in the fast-moving creative and cultural landscape, from our London office or remotely.

Platform13 is not an ‘agency’, or a ‘consultancy’ — we don’t play by those old world rules.

WE FLEX & MOVE AT THE SPEED OF CULTURE: From inception, we were built to rapidly adapt client plans according to what’s happening in the world.

WE SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF ENTREPRENEURIAL, CORPORATE & CULTURE: Our small but perfectly formed core team of veterans means we know what you need and how to deliver it, both externally and internally.

WE CURATE THE TEAM TO SUIT: Each project team is curated using our extensive network to perfectly match the needs of your brief. The team is selected according to category, community and culture ensuring that any ideas and plans are embedded with relevance and resonance from the beginning.

WE WORK BY OUTPUT NOT TIME: All of our approaches are scalable and transparent, tailored to deliver maximum impact that’s achievable for your budget.