Moon Press Issue 11 | Tour de Moon
Moon Press Issue 11 Release Date

Issue 11 of Moon press has been released on October 25th and it is available to all to download on Press is an urgent intervention into publishing. A zine that works to break down conventions between the environment, humans, and outer space. Moon Press is released at every full moon with a rotation of monthly appointed guest editors, designers and a selection of brilliant artists that challenge the status quo and offer alternatives for new futures.

Moon Press Issue 11 explores multiverses, string theory and ecocentrism. In this issue - guest edited by Nayim Patel - a selection of radically interdisciplinary contributors consider the creative and political potentials of the MULTIVERSE. Landworkers, writers, artists and scientists examine the multiple universe theory as both a political call to action and a feasible quantum reality. Within the publication, characters are both human and non human, gendered and gender-less, alive and deceased. Narratives rooted in speculative fiction emerge from working class geographies, trans afterlives and necropolitics.