Tour de Moon Legacy Podcast release// Hosted by Dionne Scougul | Tour de Moon

Announcing Tour de Moon Legacy Podcasts a series of five, 10-min podcasts that will discuss and interrogate Tour de Moon festival findings. Unpacking Tour de Moon themes for their broader significance within the context of important social and environmental issues.

The Tour de Moon Legacy Podcasts are a second layer to the musical works by artist in residence John Akinde aka OSOM and provide commentary on Tour de Moon themes raised in music. Both musical works and podcasts will be released on streaming platforms for you to stream and listen to!

Our premier Tour de Moon Legacy Podcast, A Deeper Dive into Society as part of the Tour de Moon legacy project, accompanying the release of this track How Many.

Host and former Tour de Moon Youth reporter, Dionne Scougul is joined by other youth reporters Brinley and Harvinder to talk about all things society. As they attempt to answer questions such as is there such a thing as an ideal society? Does our current society care about individuals? What makes society change? Among other questions…

The chat gets really philosophical on the topic of society and inequality, typically becoming a point of inquiry for our hosts feel free to listen further below.

The Second Podcast Landscape, Moths & Quality of Life with Dian Joy is due to be released on the 27th of October 2022!