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Space For All Nations (SFAN)

Space For All Nations (SFAN) is an International Institute for Astronautical Sciences initiative born out of a call to provide a solution to the lack of equitable international representation and contribution to the space and STEM industry.  Through research collaborations, knowledge exchange, direct mentorship, fostering partnerships, use of high-fidelity facilities, and science contributions, the SFAN team creates equitable and inclusive access to science, technology, engineering, art, maths, and space opportunities. 

SFAN connects partners to space agency experts, researchers, advisors, mentors, champions, artists, and academic teams that can support their ideas, find fellowships, offer them a path to publication, help analyse data, co-author results, arrange access to testing facilities, develop curriculum, or even create webinar exchange sessions.  Together we can curate a future based on respect, access, and limitless innovation, ultimately creating strong relationships for a better future in space and on Earth.