Moon World | Tour de Moon

Moon World

Moonworld is a first-person 3D Platformer. Toying with the idea of a players destiny, built from nothing more than exposition and implication, Moonworld offers the player a predefined central objective that is both separate from, and surrounded by, an open-world platforming environment that is just waiting to be explored.


Best played in Chrome, FireFox, or Opera Browsers.

Please wait for the game to load! (up to 3 minutes)

Press Esc to release Cursor, press Esc again to bring up the Pause Menu.

You have been given a task to deliver a very important letter through some tubes within Moonworld. You are the only one who can do it. So go ahead and do it, then log off.

As we say in the tubes of Moonworld, "there is no need to attempt to have fun."


Made in collaboration with Gabrielle De Puente and Flying Object for Tour De Moon. :)


WASD to move

Spacebar to jump

Q to Zoom camera


Press X to fire the grapple onto a nearby surface or object

[The crosshair will highlight when you are within range]