360° Spatial Audio Soundbath with Loss>

360° Spatial Audio Soundbath with Loss><Gain


The programme of Moon Experiences includes a spatial audio soundbath produced with immersive event coordinators Loss><Gain.  A series of 360° audio-visual collaborations with artists from across the worlds of music, dance and visual art, the soundbath events will use unparalled surround sound technology to seek new ways to tell the stories of our world as it is, as it could be and as it might be in the future, redefining how people engage with sound in space.

Loss><Gain is an immersive experience partnership led by Sound Designer David Sheppard and manager John Best.  Teaming up with one of the world’s leading PA suppliers d&b Audiotechnik, the pair work with company's "object-based" mixing Soundscape system to create fully immersive 360° spatial audio-visual installations working in close collaboration with artistic partners.

Best’s most recent background was in managing Iceland’s foremost band Sigur Rós, including relevant work on their ‘Liminal’ ambient soundbath shows, where performance was de-emphasized, placing focus entirely on the audio, and proving a key waystation on the road to these Moon Experiences.  David Sheppard has a long history of working on complex orchestral works, opera and gallery installations, taking problem solving in his stride and creating immaculate sonic environments wherever he goes.