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Moon Live
What is Moon Live?

Join us in the making of Moon Live. A brand new, unmissable TV show to inspire new futures through performances, magic manifestos and sensory delights. Expect to see a psychedelic, pluralistic mix of voices sharing their experiences of nightlife through their passion for the Moon, science, dancing and debates on the most amazing inflatable green screen stage. Come and join the making of the show, be a part of the set, and play with TV props while taking part in our live sessions as they happen.

On the far side of the moon

Some of the topics we are exploring

  • Life beyond Earth

  • Social justice

  • Terraforming and planetary engineering

  • Conspiracy crush? – Crushing cosmic/Moon conspiracies with science?

  • Moon myths, legends, and rituals

  • Class system

  • Climate justice

  • Post-colonialism

  • Diaspora

  • Globalisation

  • Sustainability

  • The rise and fall of technologies/obsoletion

  • Afterlife

  • The current state of Feminism

  • Manifestation

  • Source of energy

  • Diversity in astronautic crews

  • Space and ecology

  • Planetary defence