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King Ali - Ali Isaam

My name is Ali, also known in Barking as King. Growing up in Barking I found it hard to connect with the over achievers in my area, which lead me to a life of trouble. I’m the oldest son of a family of five kids, so weight has always been on my shoulders to be a man and an achiever. Since the age of 14 I used to miss my lunch break to go to the gym in Barking Abbey School, something I’ve always enjoyed. My family has never seen my passion in fitness and has always try to steer me towards the University route which deep down I hate, but try saying no to a family in my community? It never ends well.

My ambition is to create a league for young people through boxing which can later become an international success. When I started fighting with my friends it helped me battle my own inner demons. At first, I didn’t see it as a business potential, but when a number of people on social media started reaching out, I knew this could become something. In my research, I found that a man in Jamaica started something similar, and it was a success. I believe this would have good potential in the UK, and I would love to start it of in Barking. I’ve also reached out to the man in Jamaica and if this project works in the UK, I’m looking forward to working with him to globalize this project. My plan is to build a platform for young boxers just like in music with likes of GRM daily and Link Up TV.