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Ilmaneitsi @ilmaneitsi is a solo project of the electronic producer Odessa Ilmaneitsi Dior. Born in Estonia and moving to the UK at a young age, after moving around a bunch she eventually settled in Bristol where she was exposed to a wide range of cultures and sounds. Originally trained as a guitarist, over the last decade after moving to London she has become more and more fascinated in technology and its implementations for music. Pivoting to studying electronic music, sound design and generative composition.


Heavily influenced by the underground black queer scene of London, her production style is uncompromising on its influence from club music whilst giving free reign to a playful yet curious desire to see what comes next from messing around with computers and precariously-routed synth patches. 


Ilmaneitsi has previously performed (sometimes under a different name) with collectives such as Alt Blax, Not Okay, Bury ur Gays, Pxssy Palace and Duckie. She has also been previously featured on a fundraiser EP for Mermaids facilitated by Yaya Bones.



My original intention for this piece is to personify the hunger that exists at the centre of a somewhat scary monster. What is left when you have devoured all? The sound is intended to be generated algorithmically using the cutting edge synth patch based synthesizer called bespoke, and then mixed down and curated in Ableton Live.