Bart Seng Wen Long | Tour de Moon
Moon cinema patch
Bart Seng Wen Long


Born and bred in Singapore, Bart is currently based in London. His practice attempts to interrogate both canonic art history and contemporary subcultures from a position of queerness. 

Bart was selected to be part of Dazed x Circa’s Class of 2021, and is co-curator of Kawaii Agency. His work has been featured on SHOWstudio, Time Out Singapore, Female and Dazed.


The Very Thought of You

The film centres around the experience of a vacuum-sealed Earth refugee’s imminent arrival onto the Moon. Taking place in a hallucinatory space brought upon by his own tortured subconscious, he is gradually released from his latex cryo-vacuum pod. A video message from his lover, who was left on Earth, appears. His lover goes into an angry monologue, accusing the man of abandoning him and his home in a bid for personal survival.