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11 May - 16 June 2022

Tour de Moon is a direct response to the current world we live in - where history is unfortunately repeating itself. Tour De Moon invites you to ask: WHY can’t we imagine a new way of thinking/dreaming/doing? We need to use radical imagination to create alternative futures.

Tour De Moon provides a platform for plurality, fresh thinking and new ideas. A unique, immersive 3 city 4 day festival of free public events - Leicester 13–16 May, Newcastle 27–30 May and Southampton 10–13 June - all linked by a touring sustainable Convoy (11 May-16 June) and celebrating nightlife and youth countercultures from across the UK and beyond.

Tour de Moon is composed of more than 90 individuals as a part of its team, as well as the Youth Reporter Board and Advisory Board and further collaborative organisations, all working together to build a festival committed to plurality, decolonial practices, social and racial justice, solidarity and equity.


The Moon acts as our blank canvas where anything is possible. It’s where things don’t just appear as they are, but also as they could be. 

Nightmares, hallucinations, visions or fantasies all make our experience of nightlife unique. Outside of the traditional confines of daylight hours, IT’S TIME to use radical imagination to forge new possibilities. 

The Moon centres all of us on this journey, acting as a confidante, but also facilitating true reflection and clarity. 


Moon Live

Join us in the making of Moon Live. A brand new, unmissable TV show to inspire new futures through performances, magic manifestos and sensory delights. Expect to see a psychedelic, pluralistic mix of voices sharing their experiences of nightlife through their passion for the Moon, science, dancing and debates on the most amazing inflatable green screen stage. Come and join the making of the show, be a part of the set, and play with TV props while taking part in our live sessions as they happen. Please not this event is 18+ only. Entry is FREE

Moon Cinema

Moon Cinema is a collection of original new short films created by the new geniuses of filmmaking selected through an international competition. These films introduce fresh concepts, new aesthetics, important messages on care and youth countercultures and their experiences with nightlife. Join us to experience this platform for unique discourses and non-linear narratives on science subjects. 18+

Moon Convoy

Moon Convoy is a fully sustainable armada of vehicles, stopping in towns and cities across the UK - its arrival in LeicesterNewcastle and Southampton marks the beginning of their four day, fully programmed festivals. Moon Convoy also stops at a further 9 towns and cities on the way including Bletchley, Wolverhampton, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Blackburn, Barrow-in-Furness, Plymouth, Farnborough and Crawley, concluding at Hackney’s Pedro Youth Club – one of the oldest youth organisations in the UK. Moon Convoy features big floats and interactive pieces starting with a large rotating moon that appears and disappears at night with further interactive and ultra-violet experiences - expect cosmic transformations through live music and DJ sets, a full size replica of nine metre-long Archie The Squid who resides at The Natural History Museum, talks, film screenings, an inflatable game designed with the help of scientists at NASA SSERVI and the SETI Institute, a 9 piece Arkestra and a larger than life red phone through which visitors can talk to the Moon.

Moon Experiences

Moon Experiences is arriving to completely repurpose disused buildings within city centres, creating surreal and unusual theatrical spaces. Visitors can find themselves immersed in plays developed with new talents, whilst taking a trip to the Moon on psychedelic buggy rides. It includes a SoundBath by Loss><Gain, with an original 2 hour experience featuring music and new compositions from some stellar musicians, experimentalists and composers such as Yelfris ValdèsOliver Coates, Jatinder Singh Durhailay & Suren Seneviratne; Roella Oloro, Rival Consoles, Gruff Rhys, Cosmo Sheldrake, Anna Meredith, Kae Tempest, Jarvis Cocker and more to be announced. 18+

Moon Hotline 

Moon Hotline is a digital exploration of our own potential. AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered conversations with our new therapist (the Moon), digital experiences taking the form of a giant red phone, and a cascade of memes, videos and music by new talents around the world. It creates a radical online experience for anyone to explore, disappear and reappear…in a wormhole!

Moon Press

Moon Press is an urgent intervention into publishing. A zine that works to break down conventions between the environment, humans, and outer space. Moon Press is released at every full moon with a rotation of monthly appointed guest editors, designers and a selection of brilliant artists that challenge the status quo and offer alternatives for new futures.

Moon Games

What if the Moon had landed on Earth? What if the Moon was a psychedelic inflatable playground; a lunar landscape on which to play Moon Games? Collaborating with astrophysicists, sports groups and youth organisations, Tour de Moon has fabricated all of this for you. It’s time to explore the Moon!

Moon Music

Moon Music brings the ‘afterparty’ to festival proceedings, a selection of the most unique new musical talents merging popular music with recordings of the galaxy, to create a new musical genre. Moon Music brings together Arkestra (9 young musicians and truth seekers on board a mobile convoy across England); Moon Recordings (a series of newly commissioned alien musical genres); and Moonbounce (transmission to the moon, an Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) technology) to club nights. There is also the moon on the dancefloor… 18+


You can watch interviews, daily wraps, and event coverage from each Tour de Moon location on Moon Player.


On Moon Player you can also read Moon Press here, play Moon Video Games here, and listen to Moon Radio here.